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 The secrets for living the life you  want and deserve from bestselling author Adam White

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These are 5 Things that can cause a Leader to Fail. 

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1) Leadership Style

2) Traditional instead of Transitional

3) Lack of Understanding Human Behavior

4) Pride & Arrogance

5) Under developed Skill of Influence 

1. Self-Talk

2. A Pre-Determined Outcome

3. A Strategy

4. A New Story

5. Faith & Belief

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5 Things My Dad (My Greatest Influence) Taught me

1. Work Hard

2. Take Care of Family

3. Dad taught me how to Overcome Adversity

4. Be Honest & Keep your Word

5. Keep God First

Today we are going to be talking about something that will really be helpful in every area of your life. We’re going to talk about, “How to Communicate with Difficult People.” At some point in our lives whether it’s in our personal relationship, our relationship at home, or our work, in the mall, in our romantic relationships we are going to run into trying to communicate with difficult people.

How do we communicate with someone who is difficult, or wants to debate and argue? How do we approach commun...

As I travel across the country and deliver two of my signature programs, “Unlock the Power Within” and “Made For Greatness”, people are always fascinated by discovering more of their inner self.

They realize that there is more potential within them and more of that they want to unlock from within. We are in a generation, where people are discovering their passion, their discovering their purpose in life and they are asking the universal question, “What was I created for?”

So today I want to give you 5...

I’m excited to talk to you today about, “How to Move Forward with Confidence.”

Often times in life something has affected our confidence. Something has stopped us in our tracks. We want to move forward, we want to make progress, but we get trapped by certain things.

There are 5 tips I’m going to give you that will help you to move forward. You will also discover that within the 5 principles I am going to give you, that some of these things are the very things that may have been holding you back.

They m...

5 Things That Will Motivate You to Pursue Your Dreams

In this session, I am going to give you 5 things that will motivate you to go after your dreams. Along life’s way we can often get discouraged. Often our life can take a different path and it doesn’t go in the direction that we have planned for. We can end up in another state, or end up in another career, or end up in a different relationship. Sometimes we give up on our dreams. We give up on the life we have envisioned. The life we saw as a child...

Today, I want to talk to you about beliefs.

If it’s one thing that affects the direction of our lives and if it is one thing that affects the outcome of our lives, it is what we BELIEVE.

Often our beliefs are not just a result of us, but often times they are a result of what someone has said. They are a result of what someone has told us in our past. Our boss or co-worker, a family or spouse, spoke something into our life and we believed it. It became a part of who we are.

Today, I want to dispel 5 beli...

I am excited to talk to you today in this session about 5 ways to develop discipline. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an athlete, whether it’s a career ambition, or whether you want to increase the relationship in your life, it requires a certain level of discipline.

No one that you see, whether it’s an actress or someone you deem to be successful has achieved success without a certain level of discipline. Today, I want to give you 5 ways that will help you to develop your level of discipline.

5 Ways to...

Hit the Mental Reset Button

Here is a quick tip for Hitting the Mental Reset Button in your life. Giving this great tip just after speaking in beautiful Pensacola Florida. 

Here is the video I mentioned: "How To Keep Going: 5 Tools to Refuel"

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Free download of Adam's "10 Steps to Achieve Anything You Want": 

Learn the 10 Steps that will determine your success and how to achieve it!




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