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It's not how you start but how you finish that matters. You voice, your gift, your talent matters.

- Adam White


Adam White is the greatest speaker we have ever heard.  

     - Society of Government Meeting Planners

Adam, I couldn't stop thinking about your presentation long after you left the stage...

                       - Paula, CCHRA 

I am getting all kinds of appreciation for your presentation, your expertise, and your fabulous skills, BRAVO!  

                     - Anne, MAASE

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  • Thousands of students have taken his online training courses through Adam White University 

  • Thousands of live audiences have experienced his mindfulness exercise and felt the impact of his speaking

  • Thousands of Leaders in organizations have learned leadership skill and added value to their organizations 

  • More than 200 organizations across the country have raised their hand and asked for Adam White to come speak and train at the organizations

  • Adam has shared the stage with top influencers and leaders including Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles and Former Mayor Goodman of Las Vegas

  • Thousands of individuals have read his books and have been impacted by his writings


After losing everything he had and forced to move into his parents basement he because to ask life's most important questions, "What was I created to do?" What was the purpose for my life and my existence?" His desire to answer those questions and also understand why people fail or succeed in life, led him into personal breakthroughs and ultimately his life purpose of helping others answer those questions emerged. At age 40, he started out on his own and quickly built a successful speaking business to help individuals and organizations. 

Today, Adam is a top-notch success coach, national speaker, bestselling author and followed by thousands on social media


As a best selling author, Adam's books include, Cracked but not Broken, Made for Greatness: The 7 Habits and A Leader Others Will Follow: The Power of influence. His latest book, Cracked but not Broken has been sold in other countries like Australia, Africa, South America, British Columbia, London England and Singapore, and offered to be translated in Spanish. His books have sold out to live audiences across the country, sold online at Adam White University and have been used as training and development tools for organizations in many different industries 


He is created of Adam White University dubbed the Amazon of Professional and Personal Development. AWU is dedicated to developing leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, speakers, authors, coaches and individuals that want to advance and lead in their industry


Adam is also the star and executive producer of his YouTube show, Adam White's Insights in multiple categories including: Leadership, Personal & Professional Development, Corporate & Business Training, Speaker & Author Development, Influencer Brand Building and Business Development. 


Adam is an in-demand National Speaker and called upon by top organizations looking to lead, manage change, develop their people, increase influence, impact organizational culture, build resilience, improve bottom lines and develop healthy companies and thriving countries. 


Recognized as a national authority on Human Potential, Adam has a magnificent obsession with helping people develop their purpose, amplify their voice, develop their business and brand, become better leaders, and live their lives to the fullest potential. 

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Instead of waiting for a publishing deal, Adam fought for his art and creative writing ability to self-publish 3 best selling books. His bestseller, "Cracked but Not Broken" has sold out to audiences all over the country and has been distributed outside the United States to Australia, Africa, South America, London, British Columbia, and Singapore. 

Adam's other bestselling books include "Made For Greatness: The 7 Habits" and "A Leader Others Will Follow: The Power of Influence" have been sold both to live audiences and sold online. Adam's books have used as training and development tools for organizations, read to achieve continuing education credits and develop leaders from various industries

Adam's bestselling books have also been a source of development, motivation, inspiration, and direction to individuals, influencers, entrepreneurs, faith-based organizations, speakers, authors, coaches and have change countless lives. 

By far, more than books sales are the lives that have been transformed through his books and have saved the lives of those who were considering suicide. That's worth writing and self-publishing for. 

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"When the sands of time have run out on our lives, we will all stand before our Creator and the question that will be asked is a simple one... Have you completed the assignment and have you lived to your fullest potential? That is all that will matter and what I write, speak, and live for"

                                                       - Adam White