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From Basement to Business Owner...

Hi, I'm Adam White.

At the age of 33, I lost everything I had. Forced to move into my parent's basement. I was jobless, hopeless, and lost all self-confidence.

I saw other people doing well, I saw other people around me that were successful and I wondered why was that not for me? Why was it going right for those around me, and going all wrong for me. I struggled with depression and low self-esteem. Then after 2 years of seeking answers, I saw this statement, "Life is not a result of conditions, but decisions. It was my decisions that had helped to bring me to this low place in my life and if I was going to get out, I had to start making some different decisions. ​

Over the next 2 years I started absorbing every book, video, and piece of material I could get my hands on about success, failure, human behavior, psychology, philosophy, and results. I became passionate about wanting to change my life. I wanted different results, so I knew I had to do something different.

After just 2 short years, I completely turned my life around, bought a Subway Franchise and more than 14 pieces of investment property in my hometown of Michigan.

I wanted to be better. I wanted to be a better leader, start a business, be happier, and find success. Through life discipline, life decisions and help from my creator, I've been living the life of my dreams for more than 10 years now. You can too! 

Adam is CEO of Adam Empowers and founder of Adam White Speaks, organizations devoted to helping people find their voice, discover their gift, amplify their voice, start businesses, maximize their potential, and empower others to change lives. Adam has spoken across the country to top organizations.

Adam White is the best motivational speaker we have ever heard!


Adam the executive leaders were so impressed with you!



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with Adam White

The 8 Drivers of Human Behavior

Learn the 8 Drivers That Influence Human Decision and Human Behavior

If it is one thing that can really determine the quality of your leadership, the success of your relationships and influence your ability to help others, it's learning the 8 drivers of human behavior. In this online course Adam White teaches you the powerful 8 drivers of human behavior and how understanding determines your success within and with others. 

Skill of Influence Course

Develop more persuasion, more cooperation, and become a person of influence

Do you have enough skill of influence to impact your family, team, community, world? Are you ready to get people to invest in you, believe in you, follow you? In this course motivation and influential leadership expert Adam White teaches you the principles of influence you must know to get ahead. In this training he shares: why people fail at influencing others, how to master persuading others and so much more. 

Made For Greatness: The 7 Habits

Master the 7 Habits that Transforms Your Life and Results

Adam has developed and teaches you to master the 7 habits that took his life from his parent's basement to Subway Franchise owner, real estate investor and founder of two personal development brands in just two short years. Adam teaches these powerful habits and how to master them so you can life the life of your dreams.

Amplify Your Voice

How to Become a Paid Professional Speaker

As an in-demand speaker that speaks across the country, Adam delivers his tools, strategies, branding, message on how to become a paid professional speaker. Adam started speaking with no experience to a small room of Toastmasters and expanded his speaking brand to speaking around the world in a matter of two years. If you want to a be a paid professional speaker, this online course is for you. 

Purpose. Passion. Profit

How to Become an Entrepreneur

You were created for a very specific purpose. The world needs to know who you, what gift you have, and how passionate you are. Taking your purpose and passion and turning into a profitable business is both a joy and a challenge. Don't go it alone. Take Adam's course, "Purpose. Passion. Profit" and master the art and science of becoming a successful entrepreneur.


by AdamWhite

Made For Greatness: The 7 Habits

Master the 7 Habits that Unlock Your Potential and Greatness Within

Made For Greatness: The 7 Habits that Unlock the Power Within shows what you need to do to unlock your greatness within. It is from 10 years of research, very practical and will make a tremendous difference in your life. The difference between success or failure is hidden within our daily habits. Adam shares the 7 powerful habits that will transform your life, your relationships and your results. 

A Leader Others Will Follow: Influence

Become a Leader Others Will Follow by Permission and not Position

If there is one book you need in your library on leadership, this would be it. Influential Leadership & Motivation Expert, Adam White teaches you the principles of Influential Leadership. 

Become a leader that others will follow because they want to and not because they have to. Learn the secret ingredient of influential leadership, powerful leadership communication strategies, and how to master the leadership of me. 

You can't afford not to have this book as a reference to continue to learn and develop your skills as an influential leader. 

Free download of Adam's "10 Steps to Achieve Anything You Want": 

Learn the 10 Steps that will determine your success and how to achieve it!




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Adam is a bestselling author whose books include, Made for Greatness, A Leader Others Will Follow and Self-Management.

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